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 Replici din filme

In jos 

Mesaje : 63
Data de înscriere : 03/01/2010

Status: into the fire

MesajSubiect: Replici din filme   Sam Ian 09, 2010 10:56 pm

Cateodata ne atrag atentia unele replici din filmele pe care le vedem. Adevaruri despre viata spuse intr-un fel care ne misca, declaratii care ne impresioneaza, replici amuzante...probabil fiecare dintre noi si le mai aminteste pe unele. Si cum mie imi place sa notez, poate le mai place si altora.

Memoirs of a Geisha (2005):

Sayuri Nitta: Inima moare de moarte înceatã. Pierzând speranţele precum frunzele. Pânã ce, într-o zi, nu mai rãmâne nici una. Nici o speranţã, nimic nu mai rãmâne.
(The heart dies a slow death, shedding each hope like leaves. Until one day there are none.)

Nothing But the Truth (2008):

Alan Burnside, avocatul lui Rachel Armstrong (în faţa Curţii Supreme de Justiţie a SUA): Cu ceva timp în urmã, am început sã simt presiunea pusã asupra lui Rachel Armstrong. Şi i-am spus cã eu o apãr pe ea şi nu un principiu. Dar, abia când am cunoscut-o, am înţeles cã în cazul marilor oameni, nu e nicio diferenţã între principiu şi persoanã.
(Some time ago, I began to feel the personal, human pressure on Rachel Armstrong and I told her that I was there to represent her and not her principle. And it was not until I met her that I realized that with great people there's no difference between principle and the person.)

si, de ce nu, ceva care m-a facut sa rad:

I Can't Think Straight (2007):

O femeie, la sfârşitul filmului, după ce i s-a spus ce este Leyla: She's what? But some of my best friends are Lebanese!
N-am vrut sa pun traducerea in romana intentionat laugh
Sus In jos
Dream Girl
Dream Girl

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Data de înscriere : 05/01/2010
Varsta : 23
Localizare : Bistrita

Status: against history

MesajSubiect: Re: Replici din filme   Dum Ian 10, 2010 12:18 am

Ooo... am si eu o micuta colectie! Chiar daca nu am vazut cine stie ce filme si mai am de recuperat, macar cele vazute m-au impresionat destul.

Doctor's wife (da, personajele chiar nu au nume, am fost de-a dreptul socata sa observ abia dupa ce s-a gatat filmul asta o.o): "The only thing more terrifying than blindness is being the only one who can see." (from the trailer, can't remember if it was really in the movie)
Si cam pe asta se bazeaza cam tot filmul.

Now and then
Samantha: You can run from the disappointments you're trying to forget. But it’s only when you embrace your past that you truly move forward.

Samantha: As we grow older, it becomes difficult to just believe. It's not that we don't want to, but too much has happened and we can't.

Samantha: We all used to try so hard to fit in. We wanted to look exactly alike, do all the same things, practically be the same person, but when we weren't looking that all changed. The tree house was supposed to bring us more independence, but what the summer actually brought was independence from each other.

Crazy Pete(batranul singuratic care se plimba doar noaptea prin orasel, catre Samantha): Things will happen in your life that you can't stop. But that's no reason to shut out the world. There's a purpose for the good and for the bad.

Ah, and a funny one!:))
Chrissy's Mom: I decided we should talk about what you asked me.
Chrissy: About sex.
Chrissy's Mom: You say that very casually, that's very scary for mommy. It's like, "BOO!" "AAH!" That's what sex is.

Prozac Nation
Elizabeth: Sometimes it feels like we're all living in a Prozac nation. The United States of Depression.
Prozac e un antidepresiv care era prescris la toata lumea.

Girl, Interrupted
Susanna: [narrating] When you don't want to feel, death can seem like a dream. But seeing death, really seeing it, makes dreaming about it fucking ridiculous. [...] Maybe, maybe, we look for secrets because we can't believe our minds...

Susanna(dupa ce a fost externata): Was I ever crazy? Maybe. Or maybe life is... Crazy isn't being broken or swallowing a dark secret. It's you or me amplified. If you ever told a lie and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child forever. They were not perfect, but they were my friends and by the '70s most of them were out living lives. Some I've seen, some never again, but there isn't a day my heart doesn't find them.

Susanna: I didn't try to kill myself.
Dr. Potts: What were you trying to do?
Susanna: I was trying to make the shit stop

Susanna: [reading from a book] "Borderline Personality Disorder. An instability of self-image, relationships and mood... uncertain about goals, impulsive in activities that are self-damaging, such as casual sex."
Lisa: I like that.
Susanna: "Social contrariness and a generally pessimistic attitude are often observed."
Susanna: Well that's me.
Lisa: That's everybody.

1 litre of tears
Aya: “It's okay if you fall.
You can just get up again.
Why don't you look up at the sky, while you're down there.
The blue sky spreads across above you.
Can you see it smiling at you?
You are alive.”

Atat pentru moment^^ ca ajunge, totusi:))
Sus In jos
Miss Murder
Miss Murder

Mesaje : 16
Data de înscriere : 07/01/2010
Varsta : 108
Localizare : A bottle of perfume

MesajSubiect: Re: Replici din filme   Sam Ian 16, 2010 12:28 am

Sunt atat de multe ca nici nu stiu de unde sa incep >.> Pentru inceput am o mica lista :D.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

[Holmes is handcuffed to the bed naked with only a pillow covering him. A maid walks in and screams]
Sherlock Holmes: Madame, I need you to remain calm and trust me, I'm a professional. Beneath this pillow lies the key to my release.
[the maid screams again and runs away]

Pirates of the Caribbean
Will Turner: Where's Elizabeth?
Jack Sparrow: She's safe, just like I promised. She's all set to marry Norrington, just like she promised. And you get to die for her, just like you promised. So we're all men of our word really... except for, of course, Elizabeth, who is in fact, a woman.

Memoirs of a Geisha

Mameha: Remember, Chiyo, geisha are not courtesans. And we are not wives. We sell our skills, not our bodies. We create another secret world, a place only of beauty. The very word "geisha" means artist and to be a geisha is to be judged as a moving work of art.

Mameha: Now rise.
[Sayuri rises]
Mameha: Not like a horse.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Rebecca Bloomwood: A man will never love you or treat you as well as a store. If a man doesn't fit, you can't exchange him seven days later for a gorgeous cashmere sweater. And a store always smells good. A store can awaken a lust for things you never even knew you needed. And when your fingers first grasp those shiny, new bags... oh yes... oh yes.


Jackson Curtis: When they tell you not to panic... that's when you run!

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Uncle Wayne: It's all for your own good. And what's not for your own good is for my entertainment.

Sergeant Volkom: [making his FOTB wedding reception toast in full military dress uniform] It was cold and dark, and we'd been taking fire for hours. Took an incoming mortar hit. I opened up his jacket, and his insides fell out; and I had his bloody guts in my hand. They were warm and mushy and squishy. And I push them back right into his body cavity, and willed him to live with my tears. And THAT is what true love is... hoo-ah!

The Dark Knight (2008)

Harvey Dent: The famous Bruce Wayne. Rachel's told me everything about you.
Bruce Wayne: I certainly hope not.

[bumps along while driving hijacked truck]
The Joker: I like this job - I like it!

The Joker: How about a magic trick?
[pulls out a pencil]
The Joker: I'm gonna make this pencil disappear.
[slams Gambol's thug's head into pencil]
The Joker: Ta-da! It's... it's gone

The Joker: Let's put a smile on that face!

[Batman slams The Joker's head on a table]
The Joker: Never start with the head, the victim gets all fuzzy.

[climbs up to the cab of a semi truck, the driver of which is dead or unconscious]
The Joker: Oh, excuse me, I want to drive!
[shoves him out and takes the wheel]
Sus In jos

Mesaje : 85
Data de înscriere : 15/01/2010
Varsta : 26
Localizare : Prin zona

MesajSubiect: Re: Replici din filme   Dum Ian 17, 2010 10:22 pm

Gone with the wind :

Scarlett : After all... tomorrow is another day
Replica asta e cea mai importanta din carte , din film , pentru personaj , sintetizeaza totul la atat de putine cuvinte si imi place sa o ascult la infinit spunand aceeasi replica .

Tom - Yankee Captain: Don't touch him. He's under arrest!
Rhett Butler: Now, Tom! What do you want to arrest him for? I've seen him drunker! I've seen you drunker! And you've seen me...
- am ras mult aici , fiindca ei de fapt se prefaceau si aveau niste fete de oameni teminati , iar o femeie grasa si cu boneta dupa ce a plecat politia l-a intrebat pe sotul ei daca el chiar a fost la o prostituata sa bea , dar tot ce o interesa era lustra ...

Brother Bear :

Tuke: Do you wanna play "I Spy"?
Rutt: Yeah.
Tuke: Okay, I spy something... green.
Rutt: Tree?
Tuke: Ohh!
Rutt: Okay, my turn. I spy something... tall.
Tuke: Tree.
Rutt: Ohh!
Tuke: My turn. I spy something... with bark.
Rutt: Tree.
Tuke: Ohh!
Rutt: Okay, I spy something... a vertical log.
- sunt atat de haiosi elanii cand incearca sa se joace si nu reusesc fiindca singurul lucru pe care il pot vedea este copacul.

The girl who leapt through time
Chiaki Mamiya: I'll be waiting in the future.
Makoto Konno: I'll be right there. I'll run there
- dupa atatea incurcaturi cu viitor si trecut numai genul acesta de replici parea clar

Alvin and the chipmunks 2
Eleanor: Ian says I need to work on being taller.
Theodore: I think you look great the way you are
-erau asa de draguti ....

Cam atat !
Sus In jos

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Data de înscriere : 23/01/2010
Varsta : 26


MesajSubiect: Re: Replici din filme   Mar Ian 26, 2010 11:19 pm

Ichi rittoru no namida

Aya: Mom, save me.

Aya: But it seems as if only the summer in my heart has endend.

Aya: I won't be selfish. I won't be greedy.

Okaasan: 'cause I have enough strenght to carry you on my back.

Aya: Keep on living. Keep on living forever.

Otousan: You're 14 million years too early!

Aya: Why do people walk?


Colette: What are you doing?
Linguini: Uh... vegetables. I'm cooking the... vegetables?
Colette: No! You waste energy and time! You think cooking is a cute job, eh? Like Mommy in the kitchen? Well, Mommy never had to face the dinner rush while the orders come flooding in, and every dish is different and none are simple, and all different cooking time, but must arrive at the customer's table at exactly the same time, hot and perfect! Every second counts and you CANNOT be MOMMY!

Colette: [Linguini is making a mess at the kitchen] What is this? Keep... your... station clear! If meal orders come in, what will happen? Messy stations slow things down, food doesn't go, orders pile up, disaster! I will make this easier to remember: keep you station clean... or I WILL KILL YOU!

Linguini: Listen, I just want you to know how honored I am to be studying under such a -...
Colette: [pins Linguini's sleeve with a knife] No, you listen! I just want you to know exactly who you are dealing with! How many women do you see in this kitchen?
Linguini: Well, I uh -...
Colette: [pins Linguini's sleeve with another knife] Only me. Why do you think that is? Because high cuisine is an antiquated hierarchy built upon rules written by stupid, old men. Rules designed to make it impossible for women to enter this world, but still I'm here. How did this happen?
Linguini: Well because you, because you -...
Colette: [pins Linguini's sleeve with a third knife] Because I am the toughest cook in this kitchen! I have worked too hard for too long to get here, and I am not going to jeopardize it for some garbage boy who got lucky! Got it?

Resident Evil

Alice: There was an incident. The virus escaped and everybody died. Trouble is... they didn't stay dead.

White Queen: Im sorry I didnt mean to startle you, I am the
artificial intelligence which...
Alice: Yeah I know what you are, I knew your sister, she was a
homicidal bitch.
White Queen: My sister computer was merely following the most logical
path of preservation of human life.
Alice: Yeah, kill a few, save a lot.

Alice [trailer]: Good thing we like a challenge.
Sus In jos
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Sus In jos
Replici din filme
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